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Since 1994, our customers (including the Department of Defense with thousands of users) have enjoyed the simplicity and affordability IMS offers.  You, too, can experience this simple-to-use database and our top notch support.

Document imaging is increasing in popularity with small and large organizations across the world.  Many laws have come into play regarding imaged paper and electronic files.  Imaged documents are now being accepted as a legal document, which allows even government agencies to either destroy the original document or send it to an off-site storage.  

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Note:  Each organization should examine there own acceptable risks and practices, possibly consulting an attorney on the specific statues governing their own industry and geographical area, in reference to the legality of imaged documents and files.

Here are a few points to consider when choosing a document management system:

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What legal implication can a DMS resolve?

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An ROI (return on investment) can be realized within only a few months in some cases and up to a year in others.  Let us help you determine a realistic ROI for your unique office.

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As a document and a content management system continues to become more popular, they have become a must have in some fields especially those in very litigious environments.