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Why can’t I just scan?

Definition of a DMS System

There are a multitude of benefits to justify a Document Management System.  Click here to see which ones resonate most with you.

Technology has made scanning paper documents easier these days.  There are serious limitations to consider if planning to only scan to a PC or server, rather than an actual database.

Looking for a more technical explanation of what a Document Management System is?

Legal Insight

As a document management and a content management system continues to become more popular, they have become a must have in some fields especially those in very litigious environments.

Great Illustration

Check out this easy to understand illustration of how a Document Management System works.

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Since 1994, our customers (including the Department of Defense with thousands of users) have enjoyed the simplicity and affordability IMS offers.  You, too, can experience this simple-to-use database and our top notch support.

Listening to your clients, looking for facts, sticking to details, being one step ahead of the opposing lawyer, having accurate and the latest information: all of these are important when fighting the “rat race” and when time is of the essence.  

Has researching information ever felt like trying to find a needle in a haystack?  IMS can help search through thousands of paper documents within a few hours rather than days or weeks.  

Could having all the information related to a case or having other paper documents that are in filing cabinets at the office be beneficial if it was on one CD or on a laptop’s hard drive with search capability?  

Does your office ever need to search through hundreds of filing cabinets when investigating, and the paper is not feasible to transport or distribute to other locations for review?  

How often will insurance companies or clients send your office boxes full of information that may or may not be beneficial, and hours to days are spent looking through them?  What if these boxes could have been on a CD with search capability, able to do a full text OCR search or run queries to narrow your search to a minimum?  

How much is this saved time worth?

Time Efficiency

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Benefits to consider: