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Why can’t I just scan?

Definition of a DMS System

There are a multitude of benefits to justify a Document Management System.  Click here to see which ones resonate most with you.

Technology has made scanning paper documents easier these days.  There are serious limitations to consider if planning to only scan to a PC or server, rather than an actual database.

Looking for a more technical explanation of what a Document Management System is?

Legal Insight

As a document management and a content management system continues to become more popular, they have become a must have in some fields especially those in very litigious environments.

Great Illustration

Check out this easy to understand illustration of how a Document Management System works.

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Since 1994, our customers (including the Department of Defense with thousands of users) have enjoyed the simplicity and affordability IMS offers.  You, too, can experience this simple-to-use database and our top notch support.

Assurance that your organization is running as efficiently as possible requires an open mind to focus on, not only the big picture, but also the intricate details when necessary.  Imaging Made Simple (IMS) is a robust and versatile (unified) solution that manages all your organizations’ records, documents, and limitless digital files.  IMS provides peace of mind in knowing its accessibility to information is protected with the highest levels of security, detailed user permit-able access, and audit tracking.  Engineered to install and train in half a day rather than in days or weeks, IMS delivers a fast return on investment without over-exhausting IT resources.

Does being expected to do more, faster, and with less sound familiar?  As an end user your job may require pulling records or documents from multiple locations or even off-site locations.  Much time can be spent with co-workers in other offices or locations requesting to fax or mail documents, and waiting hours or days for information that was needed YESTERDAY.  A lot of communication with co-workers is required to find where a particular document is located, possibly hidden underneath a stack of papers on someone’s desk or simply misplaced.  Who said what, when, where, why, and how, may all be questions necessary to have answered when working with clients and vendors shared with other co-workers.

IMS allows for a universal and one source application for resolving these and many other issues your office battles on a daily basis.  Reducing lost or misplaced files, accessing information within seconds, and annotating information shared among multiple users can drastically resolve most office frustrations.  Simplicity has you in mind as the end user.  The design and application are user friendly.  In most cases your most computer-illiterate user can be fully trained within 1-HOUR.

Document Workflow Efficiency  Efficiently manage all document files, paper or electronic, for faster retrieval.  With IMS Flow, maintain the pace of business processes and alert managers to action and inaction.  IMS puts the right tools--and the right information--in the hands of the right people.

Electronic and Paper Documents  Manage electronic documents of any type to be viewed and manipulated at any time within its native format.  Scan hardcopy documents as Tiff or PDF with annotation capabilities without compromising the document’s integrity.  Use one technology system that increases search capability and sharing within work groups or company wide.

Security Protect information from the past, present, and future.  User permit-able rights ensure that an organization’s information is secure, not only from outside predators, but from within internal walls and by using audit trails to track any unauthorized use of power.

Cost Reduction in Paper Handling and Storage Space  Time is money--retrieve time-sensitive documents within seconds versus hours/days.  Reduce paper handling with printing processes by transforming paper to digital images within IMS; capture data streams and images, or automatically create newly designed layout images within IMS.  Reduce wasted time looking for misfiled or lost documents, and avoid possibly recreating these irretrievable documents.  Reduce unnecessary floor space and overhead for document storage on and off site.

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