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Since 1994, our customers (including the Department of Defense with thousands of users) have enjoyed the simplicity and affordability IMS offers.  You, too, can experience this simple-to-use database and our top notch support.

Imminent Technologies, Incorporated, is in the business of improving your business.  We’ll take on unique software projects for our existing clients and consider new clients from time to time.  We want our current office management products to help your organization do business faster and better.  Give us a call to see how we might help your office challenges become issues of the past.

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IMS CLOUD  details

Imaging Made Simple - CLOUD

Yes!  Imaging Made Simple is in the CLOUD!

What is the CLOUD?

Simply, the CLOUD is only a more recent term for a not-so-recent method of utilizing servers physically stored and managed off-site.  This server might be owned and managed within another office or branch of your own company or outsourced to a third party company.  Most people don’t have a server sitting next to their desk; it could be located in a room within the office area in some cases.  Servers can be accessed anywhere in the world if properly connected to the Internet.  Once this server is accessible to the Internet, it can become a virtual server or CLOUD server to anyone in the world if desired.  Nowadays, only a few hundred dollars can get you a networked hard drive with CLOUD-type features without even being a server.  You probably already understand this simple virtual server concept, and now you see the CLOUD is really nothing new or different; just a new buzzword to better help the average person understand the benefits of using virtual servers in more ways and capacity than a current person or office might conventionally use.

What exactly is in the CLOUD?

Wow, the sky is the limit!  Anything can be put in the CLOUD.  The CLOUD offers management of emails, pictures, videos, or any digital files on your computer and server.  Other CLOUD features offer shared workspace (collaboration) among family, friends, co-workers, and clients.


The reasons are vast and unique to every individual, office, and organization as to why they use the CLOUD.  We will now focus our attention to why you might want to use our CLOUD.  Imminent Technologies, Incorporated, offers several hosted services or CLOUD services.  Most products or features you find within this website can be considered in our CLOUD.  Most importantly, our prized product called Imaging Made Simple Enterprise 4.0 offers a couple of packages and al a carte menu style features to add when desired.  Here are just a few top reasons to consider our CLOUD:

Product Details:

IMS Small Office 4.0 is perfect for individual users or a very small office.  IMS Personal installs on a single PC.

IMS Enterprise 4.O is feature-rich and designed to serve a single user to thousands of users within an organization.