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Why can’t I just scan?

Definition of a DMS System

There are a multitude of benefits to justify a Document Management System.  Click here to see which ones resonate most with you.

Technology has made scanning paper documents easier these days.  There are serious limitations to consider if planning to only scan to a PC or server, rather than an actual database.

Looking for a more technical explanation of what a Document Management System is?

Legal Insight

As a document management and a content management system continues to become more popular, they have become a must have in some fields especially those in very litigious environments.

Great Illustration

Check out this easy to understand illustration of how a Document Management System works.

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Since 1994, our customers (including the Department of Defense with thousands of users) have enjoyed the simplicity and affordability IMS offers.  You, too, can experience this simple-to-use database and our top notch support.

Local governments face challenges from a growing workload, including an increase in crime, to less financial support needed to complement the rise in financial demands.  One way to fix these financial constraints and the strains on the staff is to implement a more efficient method for handling and retrieving information.  It’s like adding extra staff without the payroll expense!

Emergencies are constant with law enforcement and rescue situations, and information is needed immediately.  When minutes and seconds really do matter and could even prevent disaster or could save lives, information can be received within seconds through wireless laptops, fax, or phone, using a document management solution.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Typical information to manage:

Confidential information and public records are at risk of theft, fire, water, or being misplaced and must be protected and preserved for even up to hundreds of years.  While paper is obviously a short term solution, conversion to digital documents will fix many of these issues.  Even E-sized maps and drawings can be converted digitally and provide simultaneous access for emergency personnel and engineers within seconds.

Agendas and minutes for council meetings need to be prepared and distributed.  Police reports and evidence need to be processed, including video, audio, and photos.  Municipal codes, budgets, employee records, maps, and lab reports are all related information needed in the clerk’s office, public works office, police departments, and fire departments.  All local government is concerned with expenses related to paper and microform-based record management, and increasing productivity and disaster prevention have become a serious issue.  IMS offers a complete solution by protecting information and efficiently managing and retrieving information.